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All Event information, new FAQs and new archive files must be submitted to SCRIBE via email.
  • Send email to webScribe@faire.net (the SCRIBE webmaster)
  • Include the appropriate information for your request
  • Send all files as attachments; do not embed your FAQ, images, etc., in the body of your email.
  • Archive files are OK. The webmaster can handle zip, gzip, or tar formats.
  • Include your name and email. Information submitted anonymously will not be added to SCRIBE.

New Event information

All information is required.
    the Event Name
    the Event Location (city, state/provence)
    the address of the Event web page
    the email address of someone to contact for Event information

Update Event information

    the Event Name (required)
    if the Event is closed, how did you come by this information?
    the new Evemt web page address
    the new contact email address
    if this is a new contact email address, how did you come by this information?

FAQ information

    must contain the name and email address of the FAQ author
    must be an ASCII text file
    may contain HTML
    must display correctly using Internet Explorer (version 6 & 7), Safari, Firefox and Opera
    may not be a Word, PDF or other formatted document

Archive information

Archive files are placed on the SCRIBE ftp site.
    files may be any format
    if the file is created by an application (such as Word or Excel), include the name of the application
    a short description of the content of the archive file

The League of Renaissance Merchants
The Guild of Renaissance Performers

The League and Guild web rings are hosted by RingSurf. To join either web ring, first visit the League or Guild home page. There you will find example HTML, ring graphics and instructions for joining the ring.
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