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The FAQs listed here related in some way (however obscure) to the renaissance entertainment/education industry. If you have a comment about any of the FAQs listed, please feel contact that author of that FAQ directly.

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General Information

Glossary - Speak the speech, I pray thee

Patron Information

Renaissance Faires FAQ - Learn more about what to expect for your first visit
Young Children At A Faire - Advice for patrons with children

Participant Information

Costuming FAQ - Bodkins to bodices
Meet And Greet - Learning to talk to patrons
Guild FAQ - Understanding the term GUILD
Working A Faire - Getting a job at a renaissance faire
Vending A Faire - Compilation of merchant questions
Starting A Faire - So You Want To Start A Renaissance Faire
Playing At A Faire - Its a Gamers Life
Character Faire Names - Aid for picking a name for yourself

Renaissanace Pleasure Faires™ (Life is different in California)

Getting Involved - So, you have been to one of the Renaissance Pleasure Faires
Performing - Performer in this context has a specific meaning
Guilds And Groups - Performers at the Renaissance Pleasure Faires™ are organized into Guilds and troupes
Costuming - First off, if you are a paying visitor ...


The Medieval And Renaissance Theme Wedding FAQ - This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the planning of medieval and Renaissance theme weddings
You Know You've Been Working Faire Too Long When ... ..tights start feeling good

External FAQs

These FAQs are located externally to the SCRIBE web site.

AFR FAQ - Visit Lara Lacemaker, keeper of the official document
Costume Patterns - Visit Master Thorin, keeper of popular costume patterns


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