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As of 15 August, 2011, the maintainer of this page is no longer available. The information has not been maintained since well before that date.

All event information has been removed from this page as of 26 August, 2012, although a copy of the information continues to be available here.

As of 1 June 2006, SCRIBE no longer collects Event, Merchant and Performer information. Maintaining the level of information integrity that Ed Westfield set is just not possible without a dedicated staff of Associates. In particular, maintaining the database and software is a full-time job.

Instead, SCRIBE is taking advantage of the information already available on the web by maintaining a list of Event Links. Merchants and Performers are invited to the join either the League of Renaissances Merchants web ring or the Guild of Renaissance Performers web ring.

Archives and FAQs are still available.


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