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Armory - Parchments for those of pursuit of the arts of war and fence
Commons - Documents of common interest to all
Contact - Tomes about contacting people, places, and things
Costume - Primers and pictures to aid one in the construction of fyne rainment and garb to wear
Creativity - Cookbooks of Creative projects
FAQS - An compilation of Frequently Asked Questions
History - An issuance of historical matters
Music - A composition of music and words
Philosphy - Treatise of Philosphy
SCA - Adventures with the Society of Creative Anachronism
Stage - Scripts of ideas for acting
Stories - Libraries of stories to read
Uproots - Graphic. Revealing. A must for collectors

Event Specific archives

HWK - Scrapbook of Hawkwood Medieval Fantsy Faire
KC - Journal of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival
MD - A compendium of the Maryland Renaissance Festival
MN - A diary of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival
NWR - A chronical of the Northwoods Renaissance Festival
RPFI - A sketch of information for the Renaissance Pleasure Faires™
SF - Files for Scarborough Faire
SR - Publications from the Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire
Wtr - From the blotters of the West Texas Renaissance Faire
Trf - Huzzahs from the Texas Renaissance Faire
Hsr - A painting of information for the Hamlet of Slater
Wi - A bevy of booklets from Bristol
Vrf - Volumes from Valhalla
CCR - Copies from the Central Coast
CVR - Notes from Central Valley


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