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As of 1 June 2006, SCRIBE no longer collects Event, Merchant and Performer information. Maintaining the level of information integrity that Ed Westfield set is just not possible without a dedicated staff of Associates. In particular, maintaining the database and software is a full-time job.

Instead, SCRIBE is taking advantage of the information already available on the web by maintaining a list of Event Links. Merchants and Performers are invited to the join either the League of Renaissance Merchants web ring or the Guild of Renaissance Performers web ring.

Archives and FAQs are still available.


Caveat Emptor

The SCRIBE Network's self imposed charter is to be an archival center for the phenonom that is loosely known as "renaissance faires." As such, much of the information it contains must be taken with a grain of salt. Information is volunteered by individual participants of the renaissance entertainment/education industry and as such, may be incomplete, inaccurate or just plain wrong, and probably out of date.

List of Events

This is an alphabetical list of events. Links to event web sites and contact email are included whenever possible.
Events must occur at least annually and must have a European theme. Living history, SCA, and "renaissance entertainment" events may be listed, however, the event must be open to the public and there must be some amount of interaction between participants and the public. The time period portrayed may be anywhere from the early Middle Ages through late Renaissance.
Theme and time period are flexible. Fantasy themes with a basis in Medieval or Renaissance literature are acceptable (for example, The Fairie Queen) but modern fantasy (Hobbits and Middle Earth) is not. Muskateers are acceptable. Klingons are not. Seasonal Dickens-based events, while a stretch, are OK.

List of Events


Frequently Asked Questions documents that are kept available thru the SCRIBE to help people with questions they never knew they had.

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Files and graphics collected that pertain to matters of participation in the renaissance entertainment/education industry.

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League Home The League of Renaissance Merchants

The League of Renaissance Merchants is a web ring for artists, craftsmen and merchants who
  • participate in Medieval or Renaissance faires, SCA events or Living History events;
  • provide period costumes, accessories, etc., to event participants and patrons;
  • sell products created by pariticapants in these events.

If you are a participant or represent one or more participants in SCA, Living History, or Medieval or Renaissance events and have something to sell, this is the ring to join! On member merchant web sites you may find clothiers and costumers, smithies and armouries, jewelers, booksellers, potters and glassblowers ... literally every type of artist, craftsman or merchant with something for the Medieval or Renaissance life style.

Instructions for joining the League, searching for a particular merchant, or just browsing, can be found on Ringsurf. The criteria for joining the League are

  • You are a merchant participating in Renaissance faires, SCA or other Living History events selling to either patrons or participants at these events.
  • Your web site must be commercial, that is, it must reflect your business.
  • Your site must make clear your participation in SCA, Living History or Renaissance Events, either by listing the events you participate in, or providing appropriate background information.
  • Sites representing multiple merchants or artists are welcome. However, sites that simply review or advertise are not eligible to join this Ring.
  • Auction sites may not join this Ring.

Browse the League of Renaissance Merchants

Guild Home The Guild of Renaissance Performers

The Guild of Renaissance Performers is a web ring for anyone (or any group) who performs at Renaissance or Medieval Faires, SCA events, or other living history re-enactments. The key word here is performs. You must be a participant at these events, not simply a patron. Candidates for membership in the Guild include (but are not limited to)
  • Musicians
  • Jugglers, Magicians & other entertainers
  • Jousters
  • Mock (and Real!) Combat Troups
  • Falconers
  • Actors, Actress & Performance Artists
  • An individual who portrays a specific character at an event (for example, the gentleman who plays King Henry at the Maryland Renaissance Faire)
  • Pirates & other Sea Dogs
  • Gamers
  • Dancers

Instructions for joining the Guild, searching for a particular merchant, or just browsing, can be found on Ringsurf.

Browse the Guild of Renaissance Performers

Submitting Information

How to submit Event informtion, FAQs or files for the Archive.

How to submit information

Additional sources of information

the Directorie at http://www.faires.com
Sir Clisto Severswords Tome of Knowledge at http://www.sirclisto.com
Kalani Net at http://www.kalani.net
John Vinopal at http://www.renfaire.com
St. Mikes Guild at http://www.st-mike.org/
Renaissance Magazine


SCRIBE does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information available through the SCRIBE web site, Uproots, or any website or organization claiming to receive information from SCRIBE.
Listing of an Event, Resource or Merchant with SCRIBE does not constitute endorsement by SCRIBE.
The information on this website is freely available to the public.

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